Bridge to Maitreya - The Englightenment Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans Schiable

Short Bio for Greg Tzinberg

Greg grew up in Los Angeles and began being studying yoga in his early teens. While still in high school he completed studying his first The Nature of the Soul  class which was taught by Richard Schaible. Six years later, Greg completed Teachers Training and soon after was introduced to Lucille Cedercrans Schaible and the Nyingma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Soon after, Greg moved to Boulder, Colorado and studied Vajrayana Buddhism with Lucille from 1976 until the time of her passing in 1984. During intensive Teachers Training, Lucille suggested that Greg teach The Nature of the Soul  as well as courses in Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice. Over the past 30 years, Greg has gained a unique perspective on East/West synthesis and in particular how The Nature of the Soul  is rooted in Tibetan Buddhism.

Greg's teaching activities have mainly focused on the synthesis between The Nature of the Soul  and related material and Tibetan Buddhism. His vision is to offer a bridge to the Vajrayana teachings to The Nature of the Soul  students and teachers. Through the practice of visualization, mantra and deep meditation, practitioners will arrive at that place where they can more perfectly realize their true nature as pure awareness and more effectively assist others on the Path to Liberation. Central to this is The Path of Synthesis, characterized by Loving Kindness and the energy of Maitreya, who is the next World Teacher. As Loving Kindness moves into manifestation, it transforms the environment and in the process corrects each life expression. In this way, Humanity will realize its spiritual identity and destiny while taking the next steps along the path of evolution.

Greg has recently returned to teaching and works with Wisdom groups on the energy and practice of synthesis drawing upon both his The Nature of the Soul  and Buddhist training. His main focus is teaching teachers and advanced practitioners techniques for spiritual development and how they can become more effective in their chosen service work. As part of this, Greg is re-establishing Udiyan Maitreya Kosha as a Seventh Ray organization dedicated to bringing Lucille's earlier material and later Buddhist teachings to students all over the world.

Professionally, Greg works as an organizational development consultant helping executives and managers work through numerous change events such as reorganizations, system implementations and down-sizing. In addition, Greg coaches managers and leaders on inspirational leadership, communication, impact and influence. Currently Greg is accepting clients who are undergoing professional and personal transitions and who want to include a spiritual dimension in their life.