Bridge to Maitreya - The Englightenment Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans Schiable


Bridge to Maitreya: The Enlightenment Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible

This work is a presentation of a dynamic practice of engagement for people who are drawn to the energy and presence of the coming Christ Buddha Maitreya Whose energy is characterized by Loving Kindness. His enlightened activity is a synthesis characterized by the bringing together of all that is universal and constructive in human thought, culture and relationship.

This book is intended to be of help to those who are sensing a rare opportunity within the current challenges that humanity is facing. People may not know with certainty the nature of that opportunity, but increasingly there is a recognition of an "awakening" that will usher in a new era of hope and fulfillment that is the aspiration of every man, woman and child. Evidence of this is present everywhere. One example is the new movement toward democracy currently taking place in the Middle East and Africa.

It is hoped that these pages will speak also to those who understand that to be engaged in the world, we must serve all sentient beings. More and more we are awakening to our sacred duty of service to the planet and the recognition that such service is essentially a spiritual practice.
Also included are Lucille's practices for invoking the energies and presence of the coming Christ Buddha Maitreya. It is through the invocation of His energy and by persistent effort on the part of the practitioner that one develops the ability to wield Maitreya's energy of Loving Kindness. Also included are Lucille's unique instruction on the activity of consciousness and the process of transforming it into pristine awareness.

A welcome outcome of this work would be if individuals got together in informal practice groups. In keeping with the energies that are informing our new institutions and cultures, it would be best if these groups do not install a charismatic leader. Instead, it would be more beneficial to experiment with forms of cooperative leadership to promote spiritual democracy and to use the genius of the group to solve group problems of purpose, governance, relationship and how to conduct its affairs.

Sometime in the near future, credentialed Facilitators will be trained to further this work and meet the needs of people who want to develop their skill and understanding of the spiritual path along these lines. These Facilitators will not be group leaders in the traditional or organizational sense. They may be members of one or more groups and as such be engaged and influential, but no more or less than other respected members of the particular group.

For more information on Maitreya practice groups in your area or obtaining Facilitator training contact Greg Tzinberg at